Tracking event on plugin exit


I have installed Mixpanel in Figma to track events, and I would like to track an event when the user exits the plugin. I have written the following code:

figma.on('close', () => {
    type: 'bg:exit',

In the UI, I retrieve the message to send the event to Mixpanel :

  React.useEffect(() => {
    // This is how we read messages sent from the plugin controller
    window.onmessage = async (event) => {
      const {type, message} =;
      switch (type) {
        case 'bg:exit':
          mixpanel.track('leave-app'); //

However, I believe that once we exit, the UI closes, and the event is never sent. I tried adding a sleep function in the close event, but that didn’t work either. Does anyone have any ideas?

(Note: “Sleep” in this context likely refers to a delay or pause in the code execution.)

Hey @Guizixo , as per the documentation, we cannot emit and perform any callbacks or asynchronous operations on the “close” event, even though I am struggling too with a flow for loggin out a user on close of the plugin.

I’m also interested in this - did anyone get a working solution?