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Tooltips don't really work with fixed position content

Hi all,
I’ve made use of interactive components to create some icon buttons with built in tooltips. They work the same as the example in the playground file. The hover interaction itself works fine, the problem comes when I use it in a scrolling context.

Made a basic example as I can’t share my actual file: Figma

My button is at the top of the blue frame. If I put the navigation header behind this frame in the layer order, then the page content appears on top of the header, which is obviously not something you want.

But if you position the header above the frame, you can’t see the tooltip when you hover over.

The only way I can get this to work is using open overlay which can’t be done within the interactive component.

Are there any plans to support open overlay or something similar to solve this? Or is there a solution already that I’ve not spotted?

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This is essential for any practical use beyond button and checkbox states, but unfortunately Figma road map for interactive components does not seen to be going in this direction. All the efforts should be directed to fix the change to action, considering the current delay, it will take a while until anything else is considered.

Figma is awesome, and is the best in organizing and make use of large and complex design systems. And for that reason I tried to be creative and loose in order to take advantage of the current implementation of interactive components, and of course disconsidered the bugs that are being take care of. Even so ended up in the same noodle madness as always, Figma fall short in prototyping and, at least in my eyes, will keep in this position until prototype becomes a real priority.

With all that said, I would recommend to keep your hopes low, and don’t expect to see any solution for your situation anytime soon.