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Toggle Show/Hide UI not working on Windows since Ctrl + \ can not be pressed

Glad it helped. :relaxed:

what works for me to show/hide UI in Spanish mac keyboards is cmd + .

Thanks this was amazing tip. I’ve tried to use macOS Keyboard hotkey overrides to make some hotkey work for Show UI on Finnish keyboard. But somehow Figma doesn’t respect macOS-specified app-hotkeys, so nothing has worked.

But CMD + . does indeed work to Hide/Show UI. Thanks!

For Brazilians/Portuguese who were googling this:

Just found that in PTB/PTB2 keyboards it is Ctrl + ]

Para os brasileiros/portugueses procurando, o atalho para Show/Hide UI em teclados PTB/PTB2 é Ctrl + ]


For me (German keyboard) the Figa UI hides/shows up with Ctrl + ^ (the key right next to the 1). As I am using a german keyboard, it is actually Strg + ^

Thanks paul

Nice one. Why don’t they update the shortcut text in the app menu?

Nice one. So these both work on macOS for me:
+ .
fn + + \

However the shortcut displayed in the app does not work:
+ \

Is there some reason why the only shortcut that doesn’t work is the one displayed in the app ?


Using a German keyboard on a mac, I can type a " \ " (backslash) using ⌥+⇧+7 (alt+shift+7). So adding the ⌘ (cmd) in Figma (⌘+⌥+⇧+7), let’s me show/hide UI. But since this 4-key shortcut, is a real pain, I’m very thankful to the hints I got here: there seem to be several ways to show/hide UI on a German (mac) keyboard:

and the right-click on background is also very useful.

Mexico here, still using a spanish (latam) QWERTY keyboard but using the Windows (Spanish / United States) config. Show and Hide UI works with Ctrl + \

If you press Ctrl + Shift + ç , you get the Figma cheat-screen for all shortcuts, by categories.

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Same here with a French Canadian qwerty Mac keyboard
I know we can use the quick command / but it doesn’t really make thing quick …

for example the moving front and back shortcut is using [ and ]
HOWEVER [ is on alt +9
and ] is on alt + 0

which is already bind by default to the very useful switching to Design Prototype and Inspect tab

I have an AZERTY ( French ) keyboard on my Mac and I can’t use the shortcuts for some features like “chat” and “quick actions”.

For example : the default shortcut for chat is “/” . However to type “/” on an AZERTY keybord i have to click “Shift”. When I press Shift+/ it doesn’t work.

As the shortcuts are adapted for the QWERTY keyboard, is there a way to adapt them manually for my AZERTY keyboard ?

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