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Toggle Show/Hide UI not working on Windows since Ctrl + \ can not be pressed

At least on European keyboards (don’t know about the others) there is no dedicated backslash button. Therefore I can not use Ctrl + \ to show or hide the UI of the Figma web app.

Keyboard combinations with Alt are not working.

If I hide the UI with the help of the menu, I can not Show it again since the menu is part of the UI. !!??!


Ctrl + P is a universal shortcut you can use to bring this menu up as an alternative to Ctrl + \

Ctrl + P is for Ctrl + /, not Ctrl + \. As far as I know there is no other alternative to Ctrl + \. But you can create custom key bindings on windows using Auto Hot Key or similar apps.

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Derp! You’re right, I’ve mixed up my slashes.
I’ve got CMD + . on Mac, would have to check my windows machine.

If you click the ? icon in the bottom corner you can see all the keyboard shortcuts.


great, now I can at least get the menu back.

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You can right click on the background beside your canvas to access the menu to hide or reveal the tools panel.


You can right click on the background

Oh boy… perfect!

Try cmd + # (the key with ’ and # near the return key) , this works for me on my European keyboard.

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I said Windows.

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@Aleksander_Klajderic There’s no EU keyboard, but plenty of different keyboard layouts worldwide. Every layout has a different key combination to show/hide UI.

Check these shortcut cheat-sheets and if your keyboard layout is missing, let me know and I can try to add or at least tell you how to show/hide ui.



You might want to upvote this feature request: Customizable shortcuts

Hey, at least on a german keybord for me it is CMD + .


I’m using Figma on Windows on a european keyboard, try Ctrl + * to hide and show Ui

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thank you for this !

To hide and show UI for Mac users:

fn + Command + \

This atm hides and shows the UI for me.


For information on my european keyboard (AZERTY) on Windows the shorcut to show/hide UI is Ctrl + ;
The key between the , and the :

In México the shortcut in Mac is + Ç keys, maybe it should work for someone else :wink:


I’ve been looking for this answer for months!!!

GRACIAS!! :star_struck:

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For the Frenchies, the cmd + `

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@ bengala That works in Spain, thanks a lot :raised_hands:

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