Tidy Up(Ctrl + Opt/Alt + T) does not work

This has been an ongoing issue for me for at least a year.
I use the Tidy Up hotkey daily but it doesn’t work anymore suddenly.
Stuff I tried but still doesn’t work:

  1. Testing on browser and desktop Figma
  2. Programming the hotkey into my logitech mouse shortcut, in case there was something wrong with my keyboard
  3. Checked my laptop’s system preferences to ensure it’s not my keyboard’s issue
  4. Tested on an external keyboard

The hotkey has changed to CtrlAltShiftT. You can see it under Preferences > Keyboard layout… > Arrange.

That’s the hotkey for Windows, for Mac OS it’s still showing Ctrl + Opt + T

Ctrl + Opt + T still doesn’t work. Please help.