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The "open session" feature doesn't seem to work

I started an open session, but the link still requires people to log in.

Edit: I’m not sure why you closed this issue, it prevents me from replying.

The message in the UI says:

Open session ends in 23 hours and 29 min
During the session, anyone with the link can edit the file - no account required".


Hey @Ben_Wiener,

This is an expected behavior. FigJam invites users to create an account or log in before they’re able to join the collaboration & comment. Other users have requested for guest collaborators that only need temporary access, which seems similar to what you were expecting. You can vote for it and add any additional feedback here: Allow for guest collaborators

An earlier issue I opened was closed without letting me reply.

This message in the UI seems to be mistaken:

Hey Ben, sorry to hear that! And sorry your issue was mistakenly closed. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so, can you start an open session and send me the link? Cheers!