The need to display appropriate icon sizes in different resolutions.


I contacted you to share a problem I encountered when using Figma and to suggest an idea to improve my work with icon components.

My problem has to do with managing different icon sizes in different versions of my project. In the tablet version I have three icon sizes: Large, Medium and Small, while in the mobile version only Large and Medium are available. To simplify working with these icons, I decided to combine all sizes in one component wizard and created options to control visibility through “Device”, “Size” and “State”.

However, a problem arose: when selecting the mobile version, it still displays the “Small” size option, which actually only applies to the tablet version. If you accidentally select this size, the “Device” option automatically changes to the tablet version as well. This creates confusion and makes it difficult to work with the icon components.

I’d like to offer you the ability to set up a functionality that allows you to exclude non-applicable size options depending on the version selected. For example, if the user selected the mobile version, the “Small” option will be automatically hidden and unavailable for selection. This will make it easier to work with components and avoid confusion when selecting non-applicable options.

I’m sure that this functionality will be demanded by many Figma users who have different sizes of elements in different interface versions.

Thank you for your work and attention to feedback from users. I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration when planning future Figma updates.

Best wishes to you,


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