The local variables editor is in the "Can view" mode

Hello guys,

I’m looking for a solution on how my potential clients can preview the design in the “can view” mode and have options to edit the local variables.

The goal is to send customers a Figma board in “can view” mode before they consider using my product. This way, they can try customizing the product themselves. The board will have local variables available, such as colors and number values.

Is there any solution that achieves these results?

Thank you

Hi Paul16, Thanks for getting touch! I understand how important this is for you.

One approach that comes to mind is to duplicate the file as a draft once a potential client receives it. If you can only view the file, you will be able to send a duplicate copy of the file to your drafts. This way, those customers can freely experiment with the local variables in their draft file.

You can find details about Duplicate or copy files here:

Hope this suggestion proves helpful. If anyone else has alternative ideas, please share them!