The copy ban doesn't work

Hi, my class and I are facing a global problem, in the settings we have set restrictions on copying our layouts, but other people who can view our project can still copy any frames. Can you tell me what could be the reason?

Hey @job.malisheffeduard09993, thank you for reaching out!

A file will inherit the permissions set on the project level, and a project will inherit permissions set on the team level.

Permissions set on a resource will override any inherited permissions from the parent resource—which means permissions set on a file will override permissions set on a project, and so on.

I’d recommend to double checking this. Please take a look in our Help Center article: Access and permissions.

Can you also check if you’ve restricted copying and sharing on files

  1. Click the Share button from the file.
  2. Click Can view/Can edit next to the file access and permissions settings to open the Share settings.
  3. Toggle the Viewers can copy, share, and export from this file setting.