The button “choose image” does not work

I hover on it and then click and … nothing.

I guess you are using a browser and trying to use Fill type as Image in a shape?
Can you elaborate further, may be with screenshot, app or browser, OS?
Also, you can try

  • see if browser is blocking any popups
  • Drag-dropping the image on to shape
  • Copy paste image directly on to shape
  • using Desktop app
  • restarting the app
  • restarting the system

Thanks Vishal. You are correct. I was using the browser. I switched to the desktop app and updated and that did the trick in the app, but in the browser the button is still not functioning. See screenshot.

Glad to know you got a fix. For browser, try changing the browser and see if the issue persists.
PS: Do mark the question Solved :slight_smile: