The "back" interaction doesn't work within variables of a component

Hi all, the “back” interaction doesn’t work within variables of a “cross icon” component, in a components-driven prototype.

The “cross icon” is not a stroke, it’s a normal path and I have followed Figma’s suggestions to group the arrow in a frame and make the frame interact (not the arrow itself) but this doesn’t work neither, I have even tried to add the interaction into multiple other elements.

It seems to be linked to the variables, if I do not use variables and only artboards, the back interaction works, but not to change a variable to another.

Hi @Mehdi_Radi would you be able to share some screenshot as I’m not sure to understand the relationship between the interaction action “Back” and the variables

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Sure here it is, you can see that I want the variant to go back to previously visited variant and it just doesn’t work.

All these pages that you see in my screenshot are all variables of one component.

Hi @Haroll have you been able to see my above messages? Thanks

I am using a Mac and a Windows for the same project, can this be the source of this issue? @Haroll