Text Tool not working

When I use the text tool I do not get the ‘text box’ which allows for resizing and I am not able to put the cursor inside the text phrase to make changes. This is a basic functionality. How can I fix this?

Hi @Karina_Elias I tested this from my end in both the browser and desktop app but was able to add a text box and text without issues. Are you see this in the browser? If you have any browser extensions enabled, try and disabling them to see if that helps. I would also suggest trying to clear your cache in the browser or desktop app.

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Had nothing to do with the browser or extensions. Basically, I spent an hour researching online to figure out that if your line height set to 0, which it does by default, then you cannot get a text box.

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I did to. When I type nothing shows up on the canvas but a very small blinking dot.
Nothing like what you see happening in any tutorial. Where they click and type.
Is that what is happening with you? did you find a solution?

I am not getting a text box after tapping the text icon
Instead of text box i am getting a blinking dot
What to do?