Text is showing as filled outline stroke

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I am facing an issue in Figma text. My text sometimes shows as filled outline stroke but its editable which means its still a text. When I export it it also show it there as well.

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Thanks for reaching out. According to the help center article;

When you use outline stroke, Figma will:

  • Convert text layers from editable text to vector paths
  • Not combine any objects or layers you selected into a single layer

When Outline stroke is applied, each glyph (or letter) converts to its own vector node—so still you can edit each glyph individually.

Could you please explain a little bit more about your expected behavior?


Thanks for this solution. But the problem is different. I don’t know what happened to my Figma. It all started when I was working on the mobile app design and used the material m3 design library and published that library. After that, I am getting this issue on almost every Figma file of mine. Its editable means I can change the text which means that it’s not outline stroke. when I zoom out it’s good but when I zoom in it’s showing filled. It also shows me the same when I export it as png or JPG. This is frustrating as it does not help in creating the projects from scratch on the new Figma file.

zoomed in

zoomed out

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Yeah it looks strange. I tried to replicate it but I couldn’t. WSo, would you be able to share the file link with access to support-share@figma.com? It won’t affect your billing. I hope I can investigate it further. If you prefer a direct support from our support team, you can reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your file: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Please make sure you use the email associated with your Figma account, include links to the file in question, and share access with support-share@figma.com. Don’t worry, inviting us to view your file won’t impact your billing.

Thanks for your patience.