Tables for 2023?

It’s the year 2023, and Figma still doesn’t have native table support.

I just spent 30 minutes re-jigging all the “cells” in a four-row, six-column fake table because I had to delete one column, add another, add icons, and then manually re-fit/resize all the cells to get things to align properly.

I can either fake a table row with a horizontal autolayout, or fake a table column with a vertical autolayout, but it’s still not a table.

I want the ability to create a special frame called a Table, that:

  • has an arbitrary number of columns and rows
  • auto-resizes columns evenly based on content width
  • has one or more Header / footer rows
  • can scroll with overflow content (optional)
  • has optional properties for hover / click states (cell, column or row)
  • has optional properties for alternate-line shading
  • can toggle columns or rows to hide as needed
  • can merge or split cells as needed
  • can set text alignment for a column (center, left, right, or currency / decimal)
  • can set to automatically use monospace / lining text figures for numbers
  • can contain triggers like checkboxes / batch select etc.
  • can be sortable based on column header (click twice to sort a-z/z-a, etc.)

If these features existed, I could speed up my work by at least 75%, because enterprise IT interfaces are full of tables and forms, and putting together text boxes with autolayouts to fake it is like tying post-its together with rubber bands and string. :slight_smile:


The best table-building feature I’ve ever used is in Omnigraffle, that old diagramming software for Mac. In fact, if I have to wireframe a table, I’ll fire it up and export the artwork as an image for Figma.

I think Figma should benchmark the Omnigraffle functionality!


would be great if it could use something like css grid / flex so handover is factored in.

obvs ability to add various lines, fit and hide content, text alignment, independent row / column sizes (fix widths, flex others).

definitely needed.


Native Table support in Figma is essential for rapid mockup and prototype production. Far too much time wasted on building and adjusting.


A design tool like Figma should have a way to make Tables which are a very basic feature for layout design. Currently I’m forced to use something else. I’ve looked at the alternate ways to make tables in Figma and its not pretty or convenient. Looking at the history of other similar requests here, it doesn’t look like this will get a response, let alone a response from the product team.

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Hi @Usmtr - at the moment, there’s table tool or feature available natively within Figma.

At the moment, it’s not on our roadmap, so I can’t speak on if/when this would become something available.

I know you mentioned that the alternatives you’ve looked into aren’t ideal for your situation, but my best recommendation at this time is to give our community plugins a chance to see if something ends up working for you.

In the meantime, I’ve edited your topic title for extra clarity - hopefully others who are looking for a similar solution will add their +1 votes to this :smiling_face:

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It’s now 2024 and a Table element is sorely lacking for Figma (aside from increasing the number of modes for the non-enterprise plans). I’ve used all the methods for constructing tables column based, row based, and even autolayout wrap and none of them work even remotely the way we need for design.


It would be a huge improvement if Figma shared the FigJam native table component. Maybe these two teams can collaborate and deliver a value win!