Swapping out colors from an unlinked library used in unlocatable layers

It’s been an issue for some time, but it’s a big one for me as I have multiple libraries to manage across multiple apps.

I have rogue styles from another library in a file that I cannot swap out or locate where they are used. If a layer is hidden or locked, the styles used in those hidden layers do not show in the “Selection colors” section. So if I library has been detached from the file, the styles remain in file, with no way to actually locate them apart from sifting through ALL they layers to see where it used.

There needs to be some way of swapping out colors and styles to hexes and static options, instead of just Library to Library so that we can fully unplug libraries easier.

Hi @David_Oliver2, Thanks for sharing your thoughts for Swap style and component libraries! I understand your need for the ability to swap out colors and styles to hexes and static options, in addition to the current library-to-library swap feature. Also, we also greatly appreciate you sharing your use case with us.

Since this appears to be a feature request, I can move this post to the “Share an idea” category. This will allow us to consider it for future updates, and community members can vote on your suggestion. Please let us know if you agree with this!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! If I misunderstood anything, please feel free to correct me. And if anyone in our community has any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them!



Thanks for the response. Being able to swap out library values to static Hex values would make it easier to detach unwanted libraries. It wouldn’t solve the issue of not being able to locate the unwanted color styles. But it would at least let me fully detach the library.

Use Case

I have a library containing text styles and colors. I need to switch these color styles to ones from a differenty library manually so I can visually see what looks correct.

Selecting all on a page allows me to see what color styles are used in that selection and help me swap them out to the new library one by one. Having swapped them all out and seeing that there are no color styles from the old library I believe I am done. But checking the assets section I can still see there are a few color styles used from the old file. I cannot locate these styles in the document anywhere as these styles would be used in hidden or locked layers.

Being able to switch these styles to temporary HEX values will allow me to detach the library.

Ideally Id like to be able to click on the unwanted style that is still connected (within Libraries), and have a list where it is used in the file, and be able to click items in that list to locate/change/delete them. These layers may not be needed at all in the file.

It may be that there are 2 separate issues and 2 separate solutions depending on how people work.