Swapping nested icon instances preserves color but not stroke width

I attempted to create an icon-sizer component that adjusts the dimensions of a set of componentized icons. When testing this icon, I notice that the color is preserved but the stroke width is reset when I swap the default nested icon to another icon (both with manual swap as well as setting up an instance swap property).

I ensured that the icons have the same layer names as well as the same structure and I’ve also manually set the color and stroke width in the icon-sizer component.

Is this a bug?

@IngShaun Hum, not sure what is up. :thinking:

I tried this out, setting up something similar, and the icon-scaler instance maintains the color & stroke thickness while changing sizes & swapping.


  • Created 2 icon components: the vectors are unioned and are named the same. I also set their constraints to scale/scale.
  • I created the icon-sizer using one of the icons set to small and large and then changed the stroke width on the larger variant.
  • I set up instance swapping for the icon in the icon-scaler

See Example File

Have the same issue here. and it’s killing me.

i’ve got 887 icons i’m managing, each with 2 styles variants and 4 stroke width/sizes for each variant.

swapping icons never maintains the stroke width. really need a fix for this.