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SVG Export Issue

Hi Figma Community!

I am currently experiencing an issue where my components created in figma do not export as svg’s correctly. When I export svg and png versions, my svg exports are missing many elements from the original design and many elements become broken. When exporting that same group as a png, it exports perfectly.

Has anybody else come across the problem?

I have tried creating designs on my corporate account, as well as personal accounts and the issue occurs for all accounts. There are many errors in my console, but I can’t find a resolution.

Hi @Sarah6 are you able to share a copy of this file? This looks like it might be related to a bug with SVGs and masking in Figma.

Hi @Josh , thank you for your help! I cannot send a copy of the entire document which is experiencing the issue. Are you able to send me a direct message, or provide me with your email?

Otherwise, here is a created a copy of this image specifically in another document. You can access it here:

I’m also having an SVG export error, and I can share my files. The Figma file can be viewed here, and the exports are in a public GitHub Gist here. The green unicorn is correctly exported to PNG, but not to SVG.