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Suggestions for writing PRD

I often use graphic descriptions to make a very detailed and vivid product requirements document for my developer team, and the whiteboard tool will often be used, but in their work, they need to often switch back and forth between the design manuscript and PRD, which will bring them some trivial time waste. I saw hope in your whiteboard tool, but now the whiteboard does not support adding the “Frame” from the design file. If it can be added, and the process, data, logic, UI, etc. can be marked next to the Frame, it will be a great tool! Do you think so?

By “whiteboard tool” I’m assuming you mean FigJam. In the current version, I am still able to copy and paste frames from Figma into FigJam. Are you saying that isn’t working for you?

I think one idea to consider is to make a component in Figma with your PRD structure laid out, then you can use it in Figma directly and put it next to your frame(s) or even in FigJam.

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