Style Variables changed from lower case to Upper Case

We’re facing an issue here that all our STYLE variables (color, radius, etc.) changed in DEV from lower case to Upper Case.


These are screenshots from our DEVS who set up their variables few months ago and it’s unusable now as the case changed.

No one from Design team seemed to knowingly changed anything in the Design system.

Any idea what might have happened?

Thank you in advance for help!

Hey Kristyna, thank you for reaching out! This needs to be investigated, so I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #902506, for reference. Also, would it be possible that your designer renamed the variables?

Is there any news here? We have noticed that the variables - as soon as a special character is present - are transformed to lower case. If there is no special character in the name, this does not happen.

Is this the same error?

Hey @solidevolution, thank you for reaching out!

I’ve taken a look at the previous ticket it seems that they have styles connected to areas of their design and not variables. And since they are using camel case, they’re also displaying in the same manner in Dev Mode. So I am not sure if this is the same issue here.

Currently, we do not support using “{ }”, “.”, or “$” symbols in variable names. Are you able to share a screen recording with me? I can ask the team if this is an intended behaviour.

Thanks in advance!