Stretch feature for child components

Hello there everyone! I have been following tutorials as of lately because I would like to master figma. However, I am still in the beginning of my learning journey and as I was following a video tutorial, the person said that with a vertical auto-layout container its child components or objects can stretch because figma has a feature in the top of the design tab that allows this. But I happen to not have that feature for some reason. Or maybe there is a different way to apply this. If there is anyone who understands this, could you please explain to me what I am doing wrong?

For context the video isBuild it in Figma: Create a design system — Components

He mentions this feature at 44:45!

Thank you so much!

This feature is still available, just in a different UI. Instead of “Hug” or “Fill” setting you need to set the object to “Fill” (there is a dropdown now instead of those toggle buttons). Here is what the updated AL UI looks like:

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