Strange behaviour with published components


I have a problem with published components.

I’m trying to move the master components from the main file to a separate one, which I want to use as a component library. What I do:

  1. Publish selected components from the main file.
  2. Cut them with Cmd-X.
  3. Create a new file
  4. Paste them to this file. Update published components window appears. I accept and “move to the file” selected.
  5. Back to the main file - turn on library from a new file.
  6. Library connected and I see published components in the library list.

Looks like everything should be ok, but when I try to access published component from the main file - it doesn’t see it and asks to restore component like it was deleted.

What is going on and what am I doing wrong?

Update. I have noticed that the connection to the main component is lost immediately after the component is published. Why so?