Store Figma FileId in Shared plugin data


I am writing a plugin will syncronize Figma files with artefact we keep in our admin web app.

In our app we have projects, and each project will have a single Figma file linked. There is a 1 to 1 relationship between project and Figma file. We will do frame generation in Figma and custom codegen based on our BE data.

In order to link them, I need to identify the api calls from the plugin to our BE API server. I want to use the Figma File ID as a uniqe ID for the API requests we generate.

We are targeting free / professional license in Figma and in our case the Plugin doesen’t have access to get the FileID.

At the moment, we are “manually” setting it as a shared data key on the root object and then we also configure it at the project level in the DB.

  1. Will this behaiviour be ok when we will publish the Plugin?
  2. Is there a better way to accomplish my task of identify the plugin api calls?