Stop automatically adding FigmaAgent to Login Items

I’ve just stopped using the app because of this. I’ll just use the web version.

For people waiting for this feature, don’t hold your breath. The vast majority of users don’t know this happens and won’t complain, so Figma is never fixing this. Developers are not their main audience, much less people with security or performance in mind.

And to be fair, if they fixed it there would be multiple threads complaining about fonts not working because they’ve disabled this, so from Figma’s perspective, it would be trading one issue for another.

I don’t see this as a reason for messing up with login items without consent, but this has long been a lost battle - most people don’t know or care about these things, so they never get done.

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Stop it already!
I can’t believe you think this is a good solution.
Add a checkbox in settings.
I’m deleting Figma app until this is fixed


This is quite intrusive. If I chose not to allow it to run on launch it should not reappear again and again every time I open Figma. Malware vibes, big yikes.


Like many others, I’m deleting the App until this is fixed

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Personnally, I’ll switch with an alternative. WTF is this company.


Same as the users above, I think this practice is outright abusive. I have deleted Figma and will not reinstall until this behaviour is stopped.

Grow up people, It’s not using many processes and Figma is giving us free access to almost all its features, the contest you looking for is that your Figma agent must be installed manually for the browser and local font, don’t install the app it if you don’t want it, so basically its contest for you there as Figma tells you this Boldy in instalation page.

Figma gives designers the ability to make money, if you are not a designer or you don’t want to say abusive, contest, etc go and complain the politicians stealing information from you every day. not poor Figma which is a helpful tool to you for just your local font. This generation…

Because of this crap, I stopped using the desktop app and deleted it. I feel more comfortable now.

I prefer manually add a font than let Figma start every time on login or startup… It’s really dummy practice to remove Figma agent every time. I agree with people, which because of this small frustrating detail leave the app regardless its free. And it doesn’t matter if you use Figma everyday. I use 6h per day Excel for example. Does it mean, that Excel should start after login? No, never, I want to choose which app starts with login. This is really ridiculous topic.

Please remove this. While I can see the use case, forcing this time and time again on each update without an opt-out option is not a great user experience.

It’s just stupid that this is the default behavior and there’s no way to disable it. This is simply ridiculous and invasive.

I would rather use Penpot, but unfortunately my company chose Figma. For those who have the possibility to choose what to use, I recommend Penpot.

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This problem has been around for over six months now, but there is still no fix. This reminds me of Adobe’s behavior. They also did the same thing with the Adobe creative cloud, which bypassed the user and worked in the background on the system. Also, to say that this is only for updating fonts is ridiculous, then open the code for audit so that users can be sure of this.

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Same issue here, please fix it!

+1, makes me want to uninstall Figma desktop app


+1, makes me want to uninstall Figma desktop app

As a developer, I would never even consider doing this to my users. It is toxic application behaviour to be installing anything in the Login Items or elsewhere other than during an installer process triggered by a user, and it is thermonuclear to re-install that item once a user has explicitly removed it again.

Even if Figma incorrectly thought that their perceived need to have this item installed trumped user choice, at the very least it would be the most trivial step for Figma to record when it had installed this item once and not do it again if the user removes it.

More to the point, Figma could easily offer me the opportunity via a dialog to install this agent, and let me as a user decide if I want to. For the record, I have absolutely no interest in making my locally installed fonts available to your website so you can stop that right now. Secondly, if you can’t access my locally installed fonts within your native application you need to seriously review your tech stack decisions.

My company chose Figma so I will continue to use it but if I was ever asked my opinion on whether we should change to (insert the name of any competitor including any I had never heard of) I would immediately discuss how user hostile Figma’s approach is.

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This is the most presumptuous development decision I have seen in I don’t know how many years. Figma is literally the only application that does this, our of dozens and dozens that I have installed and many I use on a constant basis. Personally, I don’t find it “unsafe” but I do find it extremely annoying. This should be removed.

There is another way to avoid that, but it involves a few steps and is rather hacky:

1. Move Figma to a disk image

  • You have to create an empty disk image (e.g. .sparseimage) with Disk Utility
  • Move the from applications into that disk image
  • delete the old in the applications folder

2. Locate the Figma Agent

  • After opening the disk image, right click on to “Show Package Contents”
  • Look for the in the Library folder

3. Create an Alias

  • Right Click on the to “Make Alias”

4. Replace the Figma Agent on your System with the Alias

  • Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Figma, or right click on the Login Item “FigmaAgent” in your System Settings to “Show in Finder”
  • Rename or delete the existing in that folder
  • Move the alias you created in step 3 to this folder, and rename it to

What this will do
On startup, the login item will try to launch But as this item now points to a non-mounted disk image, it will not work anymore. So FigmaAgent will no longer launch on startup.

Figma cannot replace the alias, it will not be removed with an update.


  • FigmaAgent can no longer be updated
  • You have to mount/open the sparseimage each time you want to launch Figma

Trust is a big deal when it comes to security and application deployment. This behaviour violates that trust and means desktop installations for a very expensive product are not possible and can even put contracts at risk. There are plenty of other free design tools, and access to training via YouTube nullifies your argument.

To the Figma owners, please consider and remove this annoying prompt, as you can already see how many users are annoyed by this prompt. I am sure there is a way around it without constantly reminding users. I think once is fine but not constantly or allow users to have the option to disable this.

Quite logical, right?