Sticky notes plug-in not working

it just hourglasses

@Drew_Carlson Hi! Can you link to the specific sticky note plugin you are using from the community (there are a lot of similar plugins, so I want to make sure I know which one, and if it is created by Figma, or by another 3rd party creator).

Issues with resources like plugins or widgets should be relayed over to the original creator for further troubleshooting (or any general questions). They are the best to provide you the most up-to-date info + help troubleshoot any potential bugs.

You’ll be able to see their contact information on the bottom right-hand side of the resource page.

Thanks! Yeah this is a 3rd party plugin not developed by Figma directly. Would recommend that you reach out to the creator if you’re running into any issues.

Looks like you can reach them on X, based on the resource contact info:

Based on what I’m seeing, I’d also recommend looking around the community to see if there may be a better fit plugin for you moving forward.