Some connections are not visible in Prototype mode

So just when switching over to prototype from design, I see a bunch of connections I have already made between elements, but there are a large number not showing up as well. However when I click an element (that I have already applied an interaction to) it will then show its connection, and all the other connections on the workspace will vanish (reverting back when unclicked). I have looked all over (or am maybe just wording this poorly) as to why this is going on or why all connections are not visible at once. In the past, all connections were visible at once, having only a few of them show up makes double checking whether or not I made a connection very tedious.

Thanks for any help! <3

and here is a clicked element that has an existing interaction

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback.
This is an expected behaviour, when you click in a specific interaction, the other connections are not visible in order to highlight the one you select.
If you click then outside of the interactions, all connexion will appear again. Hope this is clear!

Thank you for the response, the top image I posted is my prototype with nothing clicked. I would say that its currently not showing at least 50-60% of the connections I have made. Most only show when the individual element is clicked. Is there no way to have all connections visible at once?

Here is a better visual of what I’m talking about, these images are of the same flow with no changes. The first was taken months ago, and the second one I just took a screenshot of. as you can see, there are a number of connections that are now hidden. Is there no way to toggle “show all connections”? or anything like that?

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for the details! To give some clarity, in order to avoid a jumble of connections, many connections will only show only as you deep select down to those layers — this is expected.

As explained, if these “hidden” connections still work but are just not visible in the canvas when you click outside of the interactions, this seems unexpected. In order to double check, please reach out to our technical quality team with a copy of your file so they can have a deeper look at it here:

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with so they can take a closer look. Thank you!