SOLVED - [Bug] Trouble with "Local Variables" Tab / No scroll

In the “Local Variables” tab, when the list of variables becomes lengthy, the “+ Create Variable” button at the bottom ends up obscuring the last variable in the list. This can be quite frustrating because there’s no way to scroll down, leaving the last variable hidden behind this button and inaccessible. How can we address this issue?



En la pestaña de “Local Variables”, cuando la lista de variables se vuelve larga, el botón “+ Crear Variable” en la parte inferior termina ocultando la última variable de la lista. Esto puede resultar bastante frustrante, ya que no hay forma de desplazarse hacia abajo, lo que deja la última variable oculta detrás de este botón e y se vuelve inaccesible. Espero que lo solucionen pronto.

I have the same issue.

Figma Desktop App version 116.13.3, macOS Sonoma 14.0

I experience the same issue.

Same here. No scroll in the Local variables panel. Using Figma in Chrome browser.

Same here. On Chrome, Windows app and Firefox

Same here.


Figma Desktop App version 116.13.3, macOS

Same here - Desktop App version 116.13.3, macOS

Hi everyone! Our engineering team has just deployed a fix now. Please restart Figma, and if you are still running into issues, please let us know by filling out a form here:

Thank you all for your help here by reporting this!


Thank you! Now it works perfectly!

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hey guy i am new here

Thanks a lot, works fine! :slightly_smiling_face:

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