Solutions to sharing files with external stakeholders in an elegant format/layout

I’m looking for a solution for a specific use case.

We use Figma to build our brand guidelines document.
This gets exported as a PDF which is then shared with stakeholders outside of the design team.

This document is updated often and frequently, and exporting it as a pdf and resharing it each time is time consuming.

I’m hoping for a solution that enables stakeholders to view the document in a fixed presentation format.

Of course we can share the working document with them, but it’s not an ideal solution for them with the zooming and scrolling around between each frame on the page.

I’d like to be able to sort of publish the file somewhere, and then have a permanent link we can share with stakeholders that allow them to view the document in a fixed presentation format.

Is this sort of thing possible? Either purely using Figma, or with the help of external apps / APIs / Plugins etc?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Do you need to keep a state where you don’t want them seeing a version that’s not ready to be presented?

Possibly not, the only thing I can think of is that we might leave comments on the working file for things that we flag to be updated for the next export. But it’s not a dealbreaker.

Got it! That makes sense. Some ideas:

You could share just a prototype with them which would show the screens in a more traditional presentation sense. As you update the file the prototype will update too.

One step further here would be creating a library where each screen is a component. These components are used in a separate file that the clients have access too. Again this could still be a prototype/presentation. This way you could work on the design, then publish the components updates to the library. Within the other file you would just need to pull those updates.

For plugins you could look into something like Sync to Slides which allows you to sync frames to Google Slides. There are a bunch of other options here if you search sync or present within the community!

From an API side of things this could also be possible. You could use the REST API to pull in a screen from a file. This would give you the benefit of building a completely custom solution but would probably be the biggest lift.

Hope this helps! Happy to dig into any of these more if needed. :smiley:

Thank you, these are great!

Would sharing the prototype keep it locked to the prototype view? They wouldn’t be able to jump out into the regular design view etc?

Would this also work for the presentation view?

Yup as long as you’re on a paid plan you can set the permissions so they can only view the prototype. Here’s our help article outlining this: