Smart animate input field label

I want to animate the input field label with smart animate. Smart animate, however, does this weird transition. I want the transition to be smooth. Any ideas how I could achieve this? I watched tutorials on youtube, double checked my components… I can’t figure out why the transition is behaving like this. Thank you!

Link to Figma Prototype

Hi, Sonja.

My guess is you have inconsistent layers (names or nesting).

Make sure to have consistent layering across your variants so that it can smart animate smoothly.

Hi Raphael,
I have checked layers and names and nesting multiple times, naming and nesting is consistent across my variants…

I just tried to recreate the test component you made, but the animation is still behaving weird…

Hi, Sonja.

That is weird. I think you have to remove cache on your Figma and restart it. Or, you will have to talk with the Figma team directly.