Smart animate Dropdown Menu

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I’m trying to figure out what happens and why my prototype is not using smart animation properly. I tried to create a dropdown list like a dropdown menu but without selecting any options, just to hide too much content showing up on the page. I followed everything step by step with a tutorial but it doesn’t work like there.

When I test my prototype instead of doing a nice animation showing up a list and also rotating the arrow when the list is visible or not, the transition between visible list and default one is like an image, nothing special. I tried to rotate the arrow from the default state, not the frame of the arrow and still doesn’t work.

Video Link:

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Thank you for reaching out! To make sure Smart Animate functions correctly, there are several key aspects to consider, such as consistent layer names, maintaining a structured layer hierarchy, layer order, etc. For a more comprehensive guide, please take a moment to review this resource:

Additionally, if you could share the link to your file, I’d be more than happy to take a closer look and provide specific assistance!


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I will post link here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Being a new user, I can’t upload resources directly here.
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So as far as I understand, your component behaves much more like an Accordion, which can expand/collapse its nested content. You can visit this link and tell me if I was right or not: React Accordion component - Material UI (

And can you use this “Share” button at the upper right corner to share us a link to your file? It is easier to address the problem if we have a closer look at the layer structure and settings.

Hi there.
Here is the link:

If you prefer a direct support in private, you can reach out to the support team so they can investigate further. Could you file a ticket from here: The suppor team can look into the file!