Size variables are no longer working

I had set up several components to use size variables for the frame size, and they worked fine. But I’ve come back to that file several weeks later, and they no longer work, even though no one has made any changes to them. Now they all look like they’re set to the same size, even though they each have a different size mode, and those modes each have different sizes defined. For some reason, Figma seems to be ignoring the selected mode.

Hi, I checked a setup from my side but are unable to reproduce an issue and the components maintain the set mode and size of nested components for that mode. Maybe you can check your file history to see if reverting to a previous version helps.

Reverting did return the components to the correct size, so I guess someone did make a change, but it’s still not clear what (the variable settings are the same). :man_shrugging:t2: