Simulating a joystick with prototype

i’m trying to simulate à joystick on mobile.
As there is no “drag direction” in prototype, I tried something else.

On the middle screen, i have 2 clickable zones, the one on top which redirect to the left screen with “touch down”. And the bottom zone, which redirect to the right frame also on “touch down”.

Left and right canvas have both a redirection to the middle when i touch up.

This part above is ok. But now, I want to be able to go from left to right and right to left, when i don’t “touch up” but simply drag to the bottom (or up) and reach the other part of the joystick. I can do it on desktop with rollover, but I don’t succeed to do it on mobile.

Is there a way to detect a “while hovering” but for mobile ? I also tried a “on drag” on a clickable zone, but it’s not trickeged as I’m still pressed down.


Hey @Geoffrey_Menissier, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

It’s not currently possible to detect while hovering for mobile.

Thank you for the answer. Hope it will be possible one day :slight_smile: