Simple grid for better orientation

For better orientation when discussing screens, an overlay w/ a simple grid could be great. So one could say “Could you enlarge screen ‘H9’, please?”, and it would be clear which screen is meant. And no-one would have to place such marks upfront manually (which is a lot of work to maintain when the screen flow evolves and the screens become moved, and further screens are added).

  1. The grid could show up when pressing a defined key (e.g. “g” for “Grid”), and vanish when releasing the key again. Maybe an additional tool button could make sense for showing the grid permanently during a discussion.
  2. The lines of the grid could always be the opposite color of the color on the screen (like when pixels covered by a line are white, this part of the line appears black - and vice-versa). Note that this is not shown on the attached screens.
  3. The grid could e.g. be always 26columns (labelled a-z)/20rows (1-20), and resizing could shrink/stretch the columns/rows. This would allow to not having to find characters beyond “abc…xyz”

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your idea in details! We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!