Show nested properties are when multiple instances of component are selected

Ever since the properties have ben added to components, it has been a great improvement in my workflow. Especially the fact that I can select multiple instances and change a propery for all of them in just one go. Hallelujah!

However when I’m using the “expose properties from nested instances”, the nested properties are shown when selecting 1 instances, but when I select multiple, they disappear.



Yes, noticed this as well. Very annoying, hope they fix it soon!

It looks like only the options for the final component show up when multiple instances are selected.
When multiple instances are selected, the user can press Enter until the properties for each nested component shows up, but its not a good work-flow.

This would be a great improvement. I’m creating tables and need to select the component inside separately…

Apparently it was never fixed. Is there any news on this, @figma?

@figma We need this to be fixed!

Please fix this. It reduces the value of the nested properties immensely.


Can we get this fixed?
It shouldn’t be such a big deal and will improve the workflow tremendously.

I ran into this problem today. And I have about 50 nested instances that I’m going to have to change one at a time :neutral_face:

Just bumping this to keep it active. Feels like a bug? Hope it gets fixed…

Bumping this as well to keep it active. I really need this functionality. especially for components like tables.

I’m having the same issue. It’s super annoying because I spent all that time creating nested instances of all my components and now it’s no longer going to save me the time I thought it would when manipulating multiple instances at a time.

@Figma please fix this ASAP!

Has anyone submitted this as a bug report? I don’t think Figma will read this otherwise.

Hey All, sorry for the delayed reply!

We shared this thread with the team to review, and the team confirmed that this is not a bug, but rather a current feature limitation.

We’ve updated this thread to a feature request for future consideration, but to be transparent, right now, allowing for this ability would cause major performance issues.

Is anyone aware of any plugins that can provide and relief for this issue? All our content blocks are nested and the point is lost without mass editing.

+1 working with calendar components is really difficult.

Hey All,

Today we launched Nested component props!

Now nested component properties are visible in both the component playground and in Dev Mode. Previously, only the parent was visible. Learn more about component properties.

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While these are helpful for some uses, this doesn’t cover the needs for the original issue/post.

When selecting multiple components from a single component set, you aren’t able to adjust nested component properties. You have to select them individually to change them in the properties panel.

Seems like a no brainer to have this as an option. I’m sure it was decided to avoid it due to some architectural issues?

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