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Show frame name in prototype

I got a problem while prototyping and I would be interested in your opinion about it. When you’re prototyping on a big project we all know that it becomes really difficult with all those lines connecting a component to another one.
I usually use the prototype to test the interaction but what if when I find an error on the prototype? It becomes really difficult to understand which precise frame it is.
So in the prototype preview, I think it would be great to have not (only) the screen number “12/56” but the name of that frame to make it easier to find in the page.

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this problem (maybe it’s just because I’m not using the right way to prototype?).
Have anyone of you experienced this?


We don’t show the Frame name but if you click on the little dropdown next to the prototype name you should see an option for open in editor. This will then take you back to your design file with the current frame selected and centered in view.

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I agree with @Marianna_Pascucci , although I’m aware of the Open in Editor option. Often I want to keep an eye on the frame name, which does not mean I want to jump immediately to the editor. A subtle option to show frame name (even on demand) would be useful to me.

This option would be really helpful. Doesn’t need to be turned on by default, but give us the option to see it.