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Hey there,

Is it possible when I nest components and I select the main component to have a list of all varations that are available?

Let me see if I understand the question:

You have a component with nested components. The nested components have variations. You want to be able to control the nested components when selecting the parent component?

Let me know if I understood correctly.

I’ve managed to accomplish this by creating a variation of the parent that changes the child component—this is very tedious though. I would love a feature that gives you more control of the nested components at the parent level!

Hey @Phil_Larsen ,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I wish to select a parent component and get a list of all options ( variations )
I’m used from Sketch to have these options but Figma doesn’t seem to have it?

There is no option like this in Figma.

Hey @Gleb ,

Then I won’t need to search any longer :slight_smile:
Thank you for the reply.

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@Dennis_Kuiper we should get this in feature requests. I was working with a file today and had a similar experience. This is a quick “sketch”:

Even if it was that controls were collapsed, but having a list of all nested components providing access to variants of those components would be pretty great!