Show all external library connections

Hey there,

I’m in the process of repurposing a design system, copying components from one to the other. Relinking variables to local versions and overall just trying to get rid of any link to external variables, components, etc.

Is there a tool or plugin that would help me in this?


Hi @Luke_Kelly, Thanks for reaching out! I totally get how having a plugin for this situation would be super handy.
I did a quick search in the community and found some plugins that might be just what you’re looking for:

Additionally, you can explore our community to see if there’s anything else that fits your needs. Check out here as an example: Figma Community - Detach - Plugins
Feel free to dive in on your own!

There seem to be plenty of plugins related to this situation, so chances are other community members have tackled similar challenges. We’d love to hear from fellow community members! Feel free to share any workarounds or your favorite plugins!


Hey @Luke_Kelly the way I found the solution: to go the list of external libraries → click swatch library and you can see what exactly is linked->with the help of plugins( find instance/find style) delete all the variants inside your file.

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