[Shortcut] Change text styles

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I’m a big fan of shortcuts. As a mobile app designer, I make extensive use of shared text styles with our development teams.

Very often, I apply a style to a title for example, then believing that the hierarchy is not good, I change the style for a smaller title. Not emphasizing enough, I change the style again for a title of the same size but in bold.

If I could switch between styles through the list without interacting with the text style dropdown, that would be amazing.

Example: select a text to which a defined style is applied.
cmd + shift + o applies the previous style in the list, cmd + shift + p applies the next style, etc.

Even further, cmd + shift + L applies to a selection the saved text style closest to the font size of the selected text.

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Hoping it could be a good idea,



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I’d love to also just be able to open the text/color style selectors with a shortcut

  1. Select the text layer
  2. Use keyboard shortcut to open selector
  3. Start typing intended style name
  4. Enter to apply style
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Check this new plugin: Style Quick Actions | Figma Community