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SHIFT + COMMAND + V screwed up on text

I see there’s an update on SHIFT+COMMAND+V and I quite dig it. But the problem I face that I can no longer paste text to maintain properties. Anyone else face this issue?


Yes… It is really annoying. Now I have to right-click and choose “Paste here” for it to maintain the styles.


Exactly…why would you overwrite an existing shortcut with something completely different :man_facepalming:
I need this a lot when updating templates for new layouts and it became so annoying now.


Yes—I’m having to do a redesign and I have to copy the old text over—this has made a simple task into something taking twice as long…

@Dimitri Yes why would you overwrite an existing shortcut! At least create a new shortcut so we can do this without right-clicking.

So annoying!

wft… Same issue!

Same here. Super annoying. Does anyone know a way around? “Paste here” seems to place an entire text layer on top of selected one for me. Basically need to type everything manually at this point.

It worked well yesterday, It could even copy-paste text from outside Figma. But today It’s messed up :slight_smile:

Yeah this almost seems like a bug.

The command to replace the text while keeping the properties is now shift + cmd + opt + v which is “paste over selection”.

However, “paste to replace” (shift + cmd + v) makes much more sense for this action (to me at least) based on its behaviour with other objects.


Please, back our favorite Cmd-Shift-V to the previous stage. And never, never broke the previous shortcuts experience. You can always find a new key combination.

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Hey, this is a bug and we’re fixing it. The old shortcut should work again soon.

Hope its a bug. We should have an ability to swap paste over with replace.
Not every time you need to replace.

Glad that not only I’m worried about that)

  1. Hey there, I’ve noticed that there’s a new behaviour while pasting objects. It is replacing the existing object by new ones when holding shift+cmd+v.
    Also, selecting while holding cmd select all the other objects but the originally selected one

  2. Is this some kind of new funcionality or bug? I really love to work in figma but this kind of changes are terrible. Is there a way of not replacing pasted objects?

Due to the last update, I can’t change copy over layout shortcut back to where it used to be shft+cmd+V. Please bring it back as it used to be, or make these shortcuts customizable. Such a little thing makes my workflow nightmare!!!

In general the shortcut management in figma really needs to be improved, there are many elements that you can’t change or assign shortcuts to.
And that slows you down a lot! You just can’t work faster because you can’t set up effective shortcuts.

@dvaliao I wasn’t talking about text styles, my concern was about switching back “copy over layout”** shortcut to sht+cmd+V and make replace layout to sht++alt+cmd+V

Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback on this.

We have updated some of the shortcuts:

  • ⌘⇧V or Shift+Ctrl+V should now Paste And Match Style as it did before
  • ⌘⇧V or Shift+Ctrl+V should now Paste Over Selection as it did before
  • the new feature Paste To Replace is now under ⌘⌥⇧V or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V
  • we’ve also simplified Distribute Horizontal Spacing to Alt+Shift+H and Distribute Vertical Spacing to Alt+Shift+V (on Windows – no change on Macs)

Please let me know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!