Share settings "Anyone at [organization] with the link" NOT working properly

Please help - I want to have open sharing with people in my organization ONLY and am on the enterprise plan, which is supposed to enable this. However, links that we created with the “Anyone at [organization] with the link” can “view” are NOT working properly. We realized that anyone, even externally and without logging into Figma, could view these links! I had to go into “Admin” settings and turn off public sharing. Now, the “anyone at [organization] with the link” can “view” links are working properly, however there is no ability to create a true public link. I am hoping for some guidance on what is going wrong, as I’m pretty disturbed that all our links that were supposed to be internal to our organization were in fact totally public for months.

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. I hear you are encountering an issue with permission. Considering it’s an account specific issue, would you be able to contact our support team via this form so they can support with your account information? They should be able to give you enough guidance.