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It would be great if there were shape options in FigJam. I can add arrows but only as connectors. I would like to point to areas of an image or add a circle to notate something.

Hey @Brandon_Gasper do you mean like these shapes?

You can also use stickers or stamps to point or call out different things.

I did not see those shapes! This is great. An arrow shape would be great though since you can’t change the colors of the stamps.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hey @Brandon_Gasper here’s a quick Loom showing the Line/Arrow tool. Hope this helps!

Thanks! I swear I tried to make a line not connected to a shape and it didn’t work but just tried again and it works. Apparently I just missed everything I wanted haha.

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@Josh Actually figured out what I did first. If you have the arrow over the shape it tends to snap to the edge so it is hard to have a post it note over an element and then arrow to where you to highlight on the element.