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Shape Builder Tool — Feature Request

The lack of a Shape Builder Tool (like in Adobe Illustrator) is surprising. This is an essential tool that I use on every project in Illustrator. I have used the Boolean Groups, but they don’t fill the use of a Shape Builder Tool. A SBT allows me to trim the edges of overhanging shapes, which I commonly do when designing.

  1. I’ve found it to be very unintuitive to create quick unique shapes in Figma. They have a set of predefined masking buttons, but nothing as flexible and easy to use as Illustrator’s Shape Builder.

  2. In Illustrator, there is a tool that allows you to combine or subtract space from overlapping shapes in order to build new shapes quickly. This makes creating icons extremely simple and fast. In Figma, every time I have to create a unique shape, I find myself fumbling through the (in my opinion obtuse) masking buttons to try to figure out how to get it to create the shape I need, and then it seems to retain the original shapes behind the mask, rather than creating new paths and a new bounding box for the new shape. It’s annoying.

  3. Does anyone else miss using the Shape Builder tool, or struggle with the current masking buttons?


This tool is the reason why I still use Illustrator beside Figma, to do things like drawing icons,… It doesn’t feel so freedom to doing vectors in Figma. The “Shape Builder Tool” of Illustrator is so good, makes you feel you can create any shapes you want. I like “Vector networks” feature of Figma but it’s just not that good.