Setting the mode from prototype url parameter

I’m using variables and modes to create multilingual prototypes, using a mode for each language (e.g., English, Hindi, and Korean). When designing, I can switch the language for the whole page easily which is great to create a multilingual prototypes.

However, for testing I’d like to be able to provide separate links for participants to test the prototype in their own languages. This could be achieved if there was a way to set the mode for the page as part of the prototype url parameters. That is, having a link with the mode set to Hindi that I can share with Hindi speakers, and another link always set to Korean to be shared with Korean speakers.

Currently, I had to duplicate the prototype page to create language-specific versions (setting each copy to a different mode). When there are changes I’ve been regenerating the copies which results in the previous links to the prototypes no longer being valid.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our prototyping team for consideration.