Setting space between select and options list, Select without label

Hi Community, I am creating a Select component with its respective states, similar to how you would create an input component.

I am using the “Focus” state to display the option lists, this through a “Slot” to insert the option lists that I have previously created.

When I insert an instance of a list of options in the “Slot” the distance between the input and the list is maintained according to the characteristics of the component, but with the “Show Label: Off” property the distance is not respected.

How can I keep that distance with the “show label: Off” property?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Hi @Marlon

Can you share the structure of your component with us?

From what I see, check that the constraints of the list option are properly defined : (your want it to be set to left and right and to bottom

If you used auto-layout on your component also check that the component height is set to hug.

Hope it helped

Thanks for answering

I am reviewing the constraints of the component and they are different from what you suggest.

But the moment I change the Top to Bottom, the element goes up and covers the select.

I share the file so that it can be reviewed in better detail
Select.fig (116.7 KB)