Set Figma/FigJam accessibility to default at Project level

Greetings, is there a way for a Figma/FigJam author to toggle accessibility features on or must the end user do so?

I found this guidance:

It lays out these steps that the user must perform:

  1. Open the quick actions menu by pressing ⌘Command / or ⌘Command P on a Mac or Control / and Control P on Windows.
  2. Type “Accessibility settings” and press Return / Enter.

Can the author ensure that accessibility is on by default? Or is the end user the only one who can turn accessibility on?

Hey @Ella_Delaney, thanks for reaching out!

Our accessibility team confirmed that this isn’t possible. Right now, it must be turned on by the user.

But the team would love to get more context here as to why you would want to turn this on at an Org level?

I’ve also updated your topic into a feature request, since this is definitely something they could consider adding as a feature in the future. We’ll use votes from the community to gauge overall interest.

Hi Denise and Figma community team-

To respond to your query- why we want accessibility at an org level…

As an organization we strive to be internally and externally accessible, SO accessibility should be enabled by default. People within our organization shouldn’t need to search for accessibility features that they do not know exits. Instead, every artifact that we create should have accessibility built into it from the start, and so the default should be accessible.

It is also a legal requirement/priority, and it is the right thing ethically. There is a legal risk to the organization if we have inaccessible resources because it means that some people may not be able to do their jobs, so for that reason, having accessibility as the default reduces the risk of discrimination.

We make this a high priority within our organization and with the work we deliver. I’m hoping that our partners - like Figma - do too.

Cheers, Ella Delaney

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Thank you so much for the explanation, @Ella_Delaney!

We’ll pass this onto our accessibility team for future consideration. :heart: