Set dynamic same width for items in Autolayout Wrap

I would very much like a feature to maintain the same width of items in an Autolayout with wrap - even when they are dynamic using “Filled”

i have 3 items in autolayout with wrap on.
Width is set to Filled
Max width for items are 200
Min width for items are 100

My autolayout width is 300
= all items are on the same row

I change autolayout width to 200
= items in 1st row are now 100px wide,
Item 3 is pushed to a new row, but stays 100px wide


This is a great idea an overview of how it could be implemented. Figma design team, please implement this soon! It would be immensely useful to me

And the same height with the tollest in a row! Both features are mustHave for adaptive site autolayout!

Yes please! CSS does it