Set bound variable for Typography

Hi :wave: Using variables for setting fonts are cool and helps our design system a lot.
But is there any way to set bound variables for text properties via Plugin API?

It’s complex read-only property and simple setBoundVariable() does not work. We don’t have known methods like setBoundVariableForFont().

Can we wait for Plugin API to support typography variables any time soon?

List of properties I can’t manage to set:
fontFamily, letterSpacing, fontSize, paragraphSpacing, paragraphIndent, fontWeight, lineHeight and unexpectedly stroke for sections :smile:

API for typography and gradients variables is still in development.

Regarding stroke for sections, I think this might be considered a bug.

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Thanks, Bleb
Hope to see it soon!

We have a guide for typography variables in the plugin API here: Working with Variables | Plugin API

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Great news, thank you!
Didn’t see that few days ago. Glad it exists.

Why isn’t there a bindable option for fontSize?

There is! VariableBindableTextField | Plugin API

I’m trying to reference the variable id in a function using, but it’s returning undefined. Other id references like fills[0] and work fine. Any thoughts? doesn’t work because for VariableBindableTextField keys in the boundVariables object, because the values are arrays of aliases instead of just a single alias.

The reason is that unlike normal bindable fields like strokeWeight, you can bind different variables to substrings of text. So you need to do boundVariables.fontSize[0].id (after checking that the array is non-empty).

That worked! Thanks for the help.