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Separate the variants hotspot hints in the prototype

Hello there and huge kudo to the entire Figma team for this amazing feature!

All interactive components used in a prototype have a hotspot hint linked to it regardless the connection made in the file to simulate a flow.
In results, there are hotspot hints everywhere which is more confusing that helping.
The need is to be able to distinguish between self-generated hotspot hints and the one I really need in relation to my flow.


I have the same issue. A have a populated table with links/interactions in each row.

Only one of those actually takes you to a flow. So in order for a prototype user to find it, he/she needs to click in every button till she/he finds it.

Totally necessary to fix this =)

Interactive components are really good, thanks!

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Came onto the forum to give the same feedback and it’s the first thread on the list!
This is essential as my prototypes usually have one happy path set up, and so hotspot hints help tell people what to press. Now that every button has a hint just because over the hover state it causes confusion for other people. Have already had someone tell me the prototype isn’t working because it triggers a multi-step dialog and then the next button isn’t working even though Figma’s showing a hint for it.

Idk if you’d want to hide hints for interactive components, make them visually distinct, or allow me to control which components show them, but something would be good!