Select dropdown Master component and dynamic width

Hello Community …
I am working on Select component …

  1. Bottom round corners of menu options container. If I convert that into auto layout, that removes the rounded corner.
  2. Dynamic width of menu options container.

I am not able to figure out how create dynamic width with rounded corners.


Hi @Pankaj_Bhagwat

  1. You can first select the menu options container, then when auto-layout is applied go on the right panel on the Frame section > give it border radius (1) and don’t forget to check the clip content (2) option

  2. Select all your “Selecte drop down option X” inside the parents go to the left panel, then on Resizing section > change the width constraint to Fill container

Let me know if it helps

Thanks Haroll…
I tried as per your comments … but no luck so far.

  1. Dropdown menu list option is a component with variants. (component 1)
  2. Parent container which is having rounded corners n drop shadow. (component 2)
  3. Those menu list options inside parent container (Component 3)

If I change / add new list item, need is automatically change the width of parent container keeping all it’s style (drop shadow, radius etc…)