Segoe UI Font is not available in Figma

I built multiple dashboard pages in Adobe XD and I am now switching to Figma. I have imported all my XD pages/frames. And all the fonts have been converted to Inter and Segoe UI font is not available in Figma.
Naturally all the fitting and spacing between the font and objects is way off.
Is there anyway to have Segoe UI available in Figma? TY

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. I understand you’ve already contacted our support team. Please continue communicating with them. Your ticket number is #879493.


I am also facing this problem. Segoe is Windows OS font and it is not recognised in Figma. Please provide a solution and keep it public.

Hey Radi,
Welcome to the community! I’ve checked on our backend and here’s a workaround that may help you:

In some cases, fonts need to be “re-validated”. You can either do this by uninstalling and re-installing the font itself, or you can simply validate the fonts on your machine.

It may also be helpful to uninstall and re-install Figma’s font installer service. The articles linked below will guide you through that process.

I’ve also found this workaround by a user in the community, please give a try:

If this still doesn’t help, I’d suggest you to reach out directly to the support team, and please precise your device specs so they can investigate it further: here Hope this helps!