Seeking Figma Plugin for Responsive Vector Lines Between Anchored Objects

Hi everyone! ( My first question EVER online so please be nice ) I’m working on a web design project in Figma. I need a vector line to dynamically stretch between two points: a fixed point and a point that moves horizontally with the browser resize. Does anyone know of a plugin that can help with this? I’m looking for a way to maintain the vector line’s attachment to both points even as the frame changes size. I’ve attached before and after goal screenshots for reference. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide!

And… Yes… ChatGPT helped me say all that :slight_smile:

I could have said this easier. One end of a LINE is stuck to stationary object and the other side is stuck to an object attached to the right side. User stretches the page horizontally and the line stretches. In this case it would also remove curves and become near straight. Is there a way to do this within Figma? Or is there an add on? Or do I need to write code? Correction… Get someone smarter than I do write this code? haha

Hey Mike, thank you for reaching out! I’ve found a YouTube video that might help. Please let me know if this helps and if you’re getting stuck on a step.

Thank you for the link… it is something interesting that I would like to try… BUT… my issue is different. The problem was my inability to describe it so I have made a video to watch, if you have a minute. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, apologies, now I understand what you’re trying to achieve. I’ll try it first myself and then ask internally to the teams if anyone has a suggestion.